Typography Inspired by Chocolate and Coffee

devilishly tempting photo of chocolate by john loo on flickr 400 sizeTypography and design literally shape and color your reader’s experience of everything you write.

I wanted the colors on this page to remind you of chocolate and coffee: rich blackish browns; softer reddish-browns; and café chalkboard grays. My idea was to imitate the sensation of sitting in a clean coffeehouse — because don’t we all like that blend of relaxation, caffeination, and conversation?

Click here to view my coffeehouse-inspired design.


Thanks for visiting my new home on the web. There’s not much to see here yet — I’m still unpacking.

If you’re looking for something to read, you might like song written, where I write about the craft of songwriting from a literate and literary perspective.

And if you happen to be a musician or a writer, I’m also teaching the third edition of an online course called The Art of Daily Practice. It’s aimed at helping musicians and lyricists design a practice routine that they can actually stick to.

Thanks again for visiting.

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